The Benefits of Wedding Day Coordination

Hello Brides! Have you ever wondered what is included in Day of service? As you continue to read, ask yourself if you and your family would benefit from the services described.

What does it mean to provide “Wedding Day Coordination and Day of Service”? In short, your coordinator acts as a point of contact between the bride and groom, vendors and staff to make your wedding day one to remember. This involves communicating with all those involved in the day, from the bride and groom to photographers, caterers, cakery, and DJ, to provide accurate timeline information prior to your day to avoid any potential miscommunication. The coordinator will confirm the bride’s wishes and pass along that information to who needs it. On the day of, the coordinator will be present from beginning to end to manage the flow of events throughout. By working together, we can work to ensure a stress free and memorable event for you and your families.

What all do I do for you here at Belflower Chapel? From the day you schedule your wedding date with us until your wedding day, I act as your point of contact for many things. We have detail meetings where you bring your vision for your day and we discuss the options and services the chapel has to offer and we create the desired atmosphere for your wedding and reception. You choose your color scheme, centerpieces, room set up, chair sash style for the aisle in the chapel, up-shine lighting color and other options that we provide to you. I fill in our detail sheet and then my staff sets it all up for you so you don’t need to enlist the help of family and friends. They can spend the day with you, experiencing it alongside you. We also work together on your ceremony order of entry for the seating of the family and bridal party processional. This allows me to manage the rehearsal and communicate with your family and friends how you would like this portion of the day to flow.

During these meetings, I also learn about the vendors you choose that are included in our packages and/or the outside vendors you have contracted to participate in the day. I communicate with our vendors regarding menu choices, cake flavors and design for your number of guests as well as confirming times with DJ, bar & security and limo pickup. If you have outside vendors, I will contact them one week prior to verify arrival times and detailed information on the day of itinerary so they are aware of how the day will progress.

On the day of your wedding my staff and I arrive early to ensure the complete set up of the venue. We receive your photographers, florists, DJ, etc. as they arrive, give them your itinerary and a tour of the venue if it is their first time here. Prior to the ceremony, I help with all the final details such as pinning corsages and boutonnieres, putting petals in the flower girl baskets, ensuring the minister or officiant has had a sound check and making sure ushers are in place to seat guests. About 15 minutes prior to the start, I begin gathering the family to be escorted, giving last-minute, friendly reminders such as use the restroom (because it may be a while), spitting out gum, putting tissues in pockets (for groom and parents usually) and having my staff in place to help open and close doors during the processional.

At ceremony start time, we close the Chapel doors, line up the processional, queue the DJ to start the music. I am at the doors giving signals to everyone when they should enter to keep the processional moving. We shut the doors prior to the bride’s entrance. This gives us time to get you centered in the doorway, fluff the dress, fix the veil and make sure you look perfect for the entrance. The DJ will then start your song. We open the doors and close them behind you for your photographer to have a good backdrop for these shots. My staff and I stay present so we can open the doors again after you are married and presented as Mr. and Mrs. You and your bridal party are then hidden away so that you can have a minute to take a deep breath before you sign your marriage license and begin family pictures.

As I mentioned earlier, my staff and I arrived early to receive your vendors and ensure complete set up. The Reception Hall is now ready to receive your guests. You are free to sign your marriage license and take post ceremony pictures because Day of Service is being provided. Once you and your bridal party have exited the Chapel, your minister/officiant will give instructions to your family and guests and invite them to make their way to the reception. My staff will be available to direct your guest to the Reception Hall where the caterers and bartender are set up and ready to serve. The DJ has your playlist going and will announce that the buffet line and bar are open. Your guests will begin getting plates of food and drinks. This is a time for them to visit as they await you for your GRAND ENTRANCE!

During one of our detail meetings we discuss the time you will have to take post ceremony pictures. You are encouraged to make a list of the most important shots that you want your photographer to get. This helps them know where to start and how to manage that time. I will work with your photographer to keep this part of the itinerary moving to ensure a timely start to the reception.

After pictures, it is time for you to be introduced for the second time as Mr. and Mrs. with your Grand Entrance to the reception. If your dress needs to be bustled or veil removed, we will take care of this at this time. The DJ will be informed that you are ready to be announced and they will come out to verify any last minute details or changes. We will ensure your photographer is in place for your first dance and my staff will be in place to open and close the Reception Hall doors. As we open the doors, the DJ will announce you and you will begin your first dance. While you are dancing, I will be making you a plate of food and getting you something to drink. These items will be at your reserved table ready for you after your dances conclude. Sometimes it is a roll of the dice if you are able to eat so we will also have to-go boxes of food and cake to put in your limo or get-away car for the end of the evening.

From this point on, it is time for you and your new spouse to celebrate your new life as a married couple. I will be there to watch the flow of the reception to know when to speed up or slow down for the various activities that are scheduled. My staff will be working to clear plates and make sure drinks are available. The bartender will have the bar open for your guests. The DJ will have the music going and invite your guests to dance. You can enjoy this time to visit and dance with your family and friends. When it comes time for cake cutting, toasts, shoe game or other activities, I will watch over your schedule and keep you informed of when and where you will be needed as well as communicate those time with your photographer and DJ. There is no need for your mom or maid of honor to be responsible for this as that is part of the Day of coordination.

As the day begins to conclude, my staff and I are packing up your personal items, gifts, leftover food/cake as well as the alcohol and top of your cake. We will get your send-off item ready to distribute to your guests and work with your photographer to get those final shots of the day. The DJ will announce and play the last dance and then dismiss your guests to get their item for the send-off. While my staff and I work with your guests to get lined up outside, you two will have a moment alone before the grand finale to your day. As you exit, your friends and family give you one last cheer before you drive away.

Because of the day of service we provide, your bridal party and family will just gather their personal items from the Bride and Groom rooms and Reception Hall. We have all your personal items packed and ready to be loaded. At our detail meeting, you gave me the name of the person(s) responsible for your items. This takes the guess work out of trying to figure out who takes what on the day of. And as always the clean-up is on Belflower Chapel.


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