“Day of Service”

at Belflower Chapel & Event Center

Day of Service is more then just sitting up tables and putting chairs around the table.  Some venues go so far as to put linens & centerpieces on the tables for you. We have more in mind with our “Day of Service”.

Day of Service begins before your wedding day with Tasha McBrayer, our in house coordinator discussing with you the details of your wedding, from seating arrangements to music you want for your ceremony to color choices regarding linens, napkins, etc.. She is also here a day or two before your wedding to walk you through your wedding rehearsal.

We also set up Vendor days/night were our clients meet with our preferred vendors. This allows you to accomplish 4 meetings at one time.  You will be able to sample cakes and food from our baker and two different caterers. You will also meet our in house DJ to go over the type of music you want, and our bartender to discuss your choices of beer and wine with our  Bartender.

Whether you choose a wedding package with our preferred vendors or you choose the Basic package with your own cakery, caterer and/or DJ, our wedding coordinator will have details meetings with you, walk you through your wedding rehearsal and her staff provides complete set up of the Chapel and Reception Hall. They will have any personal decor that you provide set out in advance.  The Reception Hall will be ready for you and your guest to walk into. The tables will have the color linens of your choice on them with your choice of  centerpieces in place.  Glass Stemware will be set out with color napkins tucked inside. Real plates and rolled eating utensils will be out for your guest to eat from as well as coffee, tea, and water.  Our staff has been here early to receive your wedding/groom cakes and food, having both set out for your guests.

Day of Service means  you don’t have to spend your wedding day setting up the venue. or be here early  to meet your caterer or bakery.  You can spend time with your family and friends having your hair and make up done without rushing from one place to another to make sure everyone is showing up when they are suppose too!

With all the work of setting up and cleaning up that our staff does, you don’t need to “rent” the building all those extra hours.  We have been here for you, so that you can walk in, put your wedding dress or tux on, enjoy saying your marriage vows to each other and take pictures. Your guest can go to the reception hall were the DJ has already started your music for them.  After your pictures, we will announce your arrival to your guest. When it is time, our staff will cut your cakes.  They will also remove your guest dishes from the tables when they are though eating. Before you leave, we will pack a plate for you and your spouse to take with you.  They will also package any left over food and send that home with the person you designate. Last but not least, Day of Service means when your though celebrating for the evening, you get to leave and our staff cleans up.  None of your family and friends need stay.

Here at Belflower Chapel, we are passionate about your wedding, making it special by learning what you want and watching over the details so that all you have to do is enjoy celebrating your love for each other!