OKC Wedding Venue Package Pricing

Choosing the perfect venue can be an overwhelming and sometimes stressful process. The venue is what is going to set the tone for your big day. It will create the entire atmosphere that your guests will enjoy, and is basically the biggest decision you will have to make throughout the wedding planning process.

What makes the whole process overwhelming is trying to understand the true value of a space. Some venues give you a base price that only gets you the space alone, while others have packages with lots of perks but that comes with a bigger price tag. Trying to understand what is going to get you the best space for your budget is what every bride wants, so here is a little breakdown that can help you understand and compare prices apples to apples.

1.      Base Price Venues

      These venues offer a single price that gets you in the door, and allows you access to the venue for a certain amount of hours.  The price is usually a great bargain, but it includes nothing more than access to the space and occasionally tables and chairs. When you hear this bargain price, you will most likely jump for joy but as you start to consider all the extras you will need to really host that wedding of your dreams that price may no longer seem like much of a bargain.

2.      Package Price Venues

       Package Price or Turn Key Service Venues offer their brides packages

that include nearly everything you need to execute the perfect wedding day. From tables and linens, to your very own wedding coordinator, the value of this package is huge when you are comparing to venues offering base prices.

Now that you’ve learned about the difference in base versus package pricing, let’s take a look at the real value in package pricing!

*Pricing based on estimates for a wedding including 150 guests.

Looking at the costs of just the bare necessities to plan a wedding, it’s easy to see how many times those lower cost base price venues end up costing you much more than package priced venues, not to mention all the extra stress and work it takes to coordinate with all those vendors.

By choosing Belflower Chapel, not only are you receiving an incredible value, but you are also getting top-notch service and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that experts are handling every detail of your wedding day.

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