Intimate Weddings Can Still Be Elegant, Timeless and Romantic.
When thinking of a wedding, many think of Friday or Saturday night weddings that last for several hours, include a sit-down dinner for a large number of guests, a three to four-tier wedding cake, a groom’s cake, a large wedding party, bartender, DJ, dancing and the list goes on. For many brides, size does matter and these weddings are really wonderful events to attend, but are not always the desire of every bride and groom.
Intimate weddings have benefits and advantages of their own. Fewer people can mean a more personal celebration and more time to spend with those you are the closest to. With fewer people attending your wedding, it’s easier to get everyone involved in celebrating your special day. One idea is to have your guest stand on the end of each aisle with a flower to hand you as you walk down the aisle. By the time, you reach the front, you will have a bouquet of flowers in your hands to greet your groom. This activity not only involves your closest family and friends in your ceremony, it helps fill the chapel as you walk down the aisle. Often times, an intimate wedding ceremony doesn’t include a large wedding party. This creates opportunity for the guests to do more than just sit and watch. Ask a few of them to do a reading or tell a story about the two of you. Depending on the number of guests and the room availability, another idea would be to ask all or some of your guests to stand with you two in lieu of a wedding party, as a show of support in the vows you are about to make to one another. The guests could stand up front with you for part or all of the ceremony. Another idea would be, upon being announced as husband and wife greet your guests personally, thanking them for coming and taking part in your ceremony. Instead of having your guests head to the reception, include them in your wedding pictures. Have fun with this, mix traditional shots with some fun ones.
Make the Reception more personal as well. When it comes time for the traditional toast by the Maid of Honor and Best Man, give your guests the opportunity to give a toast. Play a game! Maybe your grandparents, your parents and the Bride & Groom could play “The Newlywed Game” or “The Shoe”. 
Intimate weddings can maximize your budget. It creates the possibility of really going all out for your guests. You might decide that a hot meal for 25 to 50 guests is more in line with what you have in mind than simply serving cake and punch for 150 guests. The possibility of an open bar or a small box of chocolate for your guests, rather than a single piece is now do-able. Being surrounded by fresh flowers or wearing that wedding dress, the one you really wanted, things that weren’t in the budget before, can be now. There is nothing wrong with simply wanting to do something different with your budget to celebrate your marriage. Some couples prefer to invest in their first new home together or prefer a nice honeymoon rather than a large wedding.
Intimate weddings can be ideal for couples that have been widowed or divorced. Maybe you feel like you’ve been there and want to do something different. Intimate weddings allow you to share your special day with your closest of friends and family with less work and expense of a big wedding.
Elegance, old world charm and Day of Service can still be found for the bride that wants to share her special day with an intimate gathering of family and friends. Here at Belflower Chapel & Event Center we offer three different weekday wedding packages at very affordable prices.

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